Extension Nasca, Paracas (2 days - 1 nights)

Day 1: Lima - Bus - Nazca - Paracas

Transfer hotel /bus station. Bus trip to Nazca Leaving 04.15 arriving around 11.30 , then transfer to the hotel. Nazca is a city founded in 1951. It is an above the Southern Coast of Peru, its climate is dry and warm. It was the origin of ones of the greatest culture of the Pre-Inca period. The mysterious markings on the desert called “The plains of Nazca “are known all over the word. These drawings design by unknown and ancient people only make sense from the air. At present the origin and meaning are unknown.

Flight over the Nazca lines. The world of Nazca is associated all over the world with the huge geometrical figures that hundreds of years ago were etched on the extensive plains of the Peruvian coastal desert. The mysteries of the Nazca lines remain unsolved. Why they were made, by whom they were constructed and how they were built have attracted the attention of thousands of people, from eager travelers to well know scientists.

The Nazca Lines and figures hold many secrets and mysteries, still without explanation, even for the numerous scholars from all over the world that have invested much of their time and effort. Transfer bus station to Paracas . Tourist bus to Paracas around 16.30hrs. Arrival in paracas around 19.30hrs . transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Paracas.

Day 2: Ballesta - Paracas - Bus - Lima

Tour to Ballestas which are located 1 hour and 30 minutes from the coast and consists of small islands that are habitat for diverse species of birds, sea lions and penguins. Due the high concentration of birds, these islands are full of guano, fertilizer exploited by the State.

Visit to the Natural Reserve of Paracas, which has a diverse wildlife of condors, flamingos and great variety of birds. The Reserve is located on the Paracas peninsula (230 km. South of Lima), and occupies a 20 km wide fringe of desert along the coast . Transfer to the bus station, Bus trip to Lima.

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  • 1 Hotel night in  Paracas including breakfast
  • Over flight the Nazca lines from Nazca
  • All transfers
  • Paracas National Reserve
  • Ballestas Islands
  • Tourist Bus  Lima- Nazca-Paracas-Lima

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  • Other services not mentioned on the travel program

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Posada del Emancipador  *** A Tourist Superior 430 380
Cóndor Beach  *** A Tourist Superior 465 395
Hacienda **** First Class 530 430

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