Over flight from Paracas or Pisco

Day 1: Lima - Bus - Paracas / Pisco - Flight - Nazca / Paracas

Transfer hotel / bus station. Bus trip to Paracas Leaving 07.00  arriving around 11.00 , then transfer to the hotel. Transfer by minibus to Pisco  airport (about 3 hours trip), then fly to Nazca. This short flight will allow observing the beauty of the Peruvian coast while traveling to one of the most mysterious deserts on Earth. Full Day Excursion To The Mysterious And Enigmatic Ancestral Draws.

The flight over the Nazca Lines from Pisco is the excellent option to save time. Mostly people travel down to Nazca expending 3 strenuous hours traveling each direction by bus along hot deserts of the coast line. To do this tour you must be in Pisco or Paracas where are the major hotels next of Paracas bay. The airport is located only 10 minutes away from Pisco or Paracas. The flies leave since 7am until 4pm every day and depending of the weather conditions. In case the weather in Pisco/Paracas or over the Nazca Lines is not clear enough for visibility of the pilot and the lines the flight will be delayed one or two ours. The fly from Pisco to the Nazca Lines is taking the plane for 12 people capacity and each seat have window down of the winds making easy to take good pictures of the scenery during the flight time. The flight takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to see more than 23 figures, hundreds of lines and many valleys.

The first you will see the valley of Palpa where some of the Paracas and Nazca culture was located (800 BC - 700 AD ). The large ceremonial and administrative center of the Nazca culture (Cahuachi archaeological site), The Trapezoids (Airports ET), The Compass. Astronaut, The Monkey, The Dog, The Condor, the Spider, The Hummingbird, The Alcatraz or Flamingo, The Parrot, The Hands, and the Tree. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of flight you will land in the airport of Pisco and then transfer to your hotel and end the service. Overnight in Paracas.

Day 2: Ballesta - Paracas - Bus - Lima

Tour to Ballestas  which are located 1 hour and 30 minutes from the coast and consists of small islands that are habitat for diverse species of birds, sea lions and penguins. Due the high concentration of birds, these islands are full of guano, fertilizer exploited by the State.

Visit to the Natural Reserve of Paracas, which has a diverse wildlife of condors, flamingos and great variety of birds. The Reserve is located on the Paracas peninsula (230 km. South of Lima), and occupies a 20 km wide fringe of desert along the coast . Transfer to the bus station, Bus trip to Lima.

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  • 1 Hotel night in Paracas, including breakfast
  • Over flight the Nazca lines from Paracas or Pisco
  • All transfers
  • Paracas National Reserve
  • Ballestas Islands
  • Tourist Bus  Lima-Paracas-Lima

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Posada del Emancipador *** A Tourist Superior 515 465
Cóndor Beach *** A Tourist Superior 550 480
Hacienda **** First Class 610 515

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